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Portland Anarchists Occupy Umpqua Bank With Rocks

At 4:30 a.m. on November 14th, a group of anarchists broke out the windows of the Umpqua Bank at NE 18th and Alberta. Umpqua Bank tries to sell itself as "green" and a "community" bank, and we wanted to shatter that illusion.
Umpqua Bank has been known for financing timber giants all over Oregon that are responsible for the destruction of our precious temperate rainforests, and with them the possibility of a livable future.

Alberta Street has been incredibly gentrified in recent years, and Umpqua Bank is a big part of that. Forcing People of Color out of one of the few neighborhoods they were historically allowed to live in is racism, plain and simple.

We don't care that Umpqua Bank is small or local - we don't want a smaller, more local capitalism, we want a total destruction of the system that keeps us miserable.

We smashed out the windows in solidarity with everyone on the receiving end of the daily violence of the Portland Police, and with comrades who have been fucked over by the liberals/wannabe cops at Occupy Portland. You too can act on your desires!

Love and solidarity,
Some angry proles

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Smash the State 14.Nov.2011 14:44


May a thousand windows break for each of their baton blows.

again 14.Nov.2011 15:49


Well a report-back on this had already been posted this morning. However, PIMC took it down.

IOW's window brokwn too 14.Nov.2011 18:17


In Other Words Feminist Resource Center had its window broke around the same to last night. A rock was responsible for it as well. I hope NPO's are not being targeted as well!

Not a corporate media website 14.Nov.2011 18:26

just saying

the report back was a corporate media article

folks need to "write their own version" hence the name "independent media"

most AP / corp news articles go to "Open Compost or the Closed Trash"

An IMC 14.Nov.2011 18:55


PIMC took it down because it was a corporate media repost.

no connection 14.Nov.2011 21:02


The incident at IOW happened a few nights before. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the two are related.

From Corporate media 15.Nov.2011 00:10


"Police responded early Monday to reports of three broken windows at the Umpqua Bank at Northeast 18th Avenue and Alberta Street; a white plastic bag tied to the front doors of the Chase Bank at Southwest Fifth Avenue and Washington Street; and glued doors at two banks on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard and another on Southeast Cesar Chavez Boulevard."

 link to www.oregonlive.com