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I am looking for help. I have found this website that claims to monitor and gauge pollution. You enter your zip code and can then see who the biggest polluters are along with statistics
Hi I am looking for feedback. There is a website called scorecard.org
This site claims to have facts and statistics but I am not convinced of thier methods and I don't know how reliable their sources are. Unfortunately I hope that they aren't legit..BUT I think they most likely are legit.
Ok this is scary: When I go to the site and put the zip code in I the first page that loads has a selection that says: Compare your county to other counties in the United States and then you get a graph.
It doesn't matter if I enter 97015 Clackamas/ 97045 Oregon City/ Molalla 97038
These counties rank in the top 80-90% of the dirtiest counties for "cancer risk from the air and the water"

Could someone look into this? Please?