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Oakland Occupy UPDATE

Update of the happenings in Oakland California Occupy and elsewhere.
Just wanted to give an update to some of you who maybe wondering what's new so far today this morning. This morning I was watching the Occupy Oakland stream and the police there have raided the encampment for a second time kicking everyone out, and taking their tents. There is still currently one protester in a tree-sit at that encampment about 30 feet in the air that the police have not yet been able to reach. Police have pushed protesters back and there is a perimeter now a few blocks back from the city park which people are still out protesting around.

Police have also been seen covering their name badges on the street which is direct violation of California penal code 830.10 which states: "Any uniformed peace officer shall wear a badge, nameplate, or other device which bears clearly on its face the identification number or name of the officer."

Here is a video link to one such instance from last week in Oakland:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRKJ3QslYtE

"We occupy, they kick us out, we get more tents and come back," said Spencer. One of Occupy Oakland's many providing a live stream. "We will be back."

There was also a impromptu wedding that took place just past the police line outside the camp. When asked where the bride and groom would be spending their "honeymoon" they said, "at the Oakland Library" where Occupy Oakland will be gathering at today at 4:00 P.M. to discuss what's next.

Meanwhile, while under the cover of the Oakland Police raid The Occupy Eureka California encampment was raided and everyone there was evicted.

Even though The Occupy Oakland encampment was cleared out of the downtown plaza it was located in, it its important to note that there is still a Occupy camp in Snow Park not too far away that police seem to have left alone. One can assume that its due to its location being not as visible as the site in the downtown plaza. It would seem that The City of Oakland is trying to tell protesters that they can have a place to stay as long as we don't see you.

More information to come as it develops.

Live Oakland Stream 14.Nov.2011 08:51


Live stream from Oakland can be found here:  http://www.livestream.com/occupyoakland

Update 14.Nov.2011 09:01


At least a few dozen peaceful protesters from a religious coalition were arrested for sitting while holding a vigil outside the encampment. Around the same time Mayor Quan's top legal adviser resigned early this morning after what he called a "tragically unnecessary" police raid of the Occupy Oakland camp.

Update 14.Nov.2011 09:30


32 arrested in Oakland so far today.

Update 14.Nov.2011 09:54


The protester in the tree-sit is named "Running Wolf."

Update 14.Nov.2011 09:57


Police and the mayor say they will NOT ALLOW any campers in Snow Park. Currently people and tents are there, but no police. It seems they are too busy at the plaza downtown.

Update 14.Nov.2011 10:03


Costs of today's raid in Oakland this morning have been estimated to be between $300,000 and $500,000 dollars.