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Portland Police Beating the Shit Out of a Small Group People in the Park (Video)

From earlier today:

In addition, a man was brutalized and hospitalized last week when he brought supplies to Occupy Portland last Saturday. The media has said nothing all week about this. Today another man was brutalized to the point of being unconscious and has lost the function of his right arm. Again the media has said nothing. Fuck this.

What do you want for Christmas?

. 14.Nov.2011 04:16


"A man named Justin James Bridges, musician and ASL translator for Occupy Portland's General Assembly,was beat repeatedly in the back and has now lost use of his right arm. Cops had him on the ground and he was being submissively complyiant as they continued to beat him with clubs in the back until his eye rolled back in his head. Fellow protesters thought he was dead. He is now in critical care."-Stephanie Gilfillan fb

Police video here 14.Nov.2011 18:42


Ha! 14.Nov.2011 19:13


The cops are so dumb. They think that this heavily edited video is going to exonerate them - as they claim they were just trying to "assist" him. Do they always assist people in physical pain by throwing them around and then dragging them off in zipties? What a load of shit. I'm sure that it's purely coincidence that the video of Justin screaming in pain has poor audio. Here's Justin's side of the story -  http://occupyportland.org/2011/11/14/occupy-portland-day-39-videos/. Remember when the cops fabricated charges of assaulting an officer against David Burgess? Remember when the cops said yesterday that if Main Street was given up they would allow people to stay in the parks? Morale of the story? Cops lie.


patriots in the streets 14.Nov.2011 05:28

fascist war criminal corporatocracy police state

The revolution will not end until the fascists are removed from power. We The People will not be coerced into submission for some war criminal's shit excuse for an honest country.

This is America. Will this movement end with justice for the people, or bloody riots and forced silence? The choice is yours.


oh sure you want to get "back to the movement"? 14.Nov.2011 07:33


back to what?

money laundering OR just yelling "non-violent" to anything that moves and shoving people into police lines to be beaten?

and... this just poking? obviously you dont know that the dude cant use his arm anymore. Just poking sounds like you're defending them. Fuck off.

gestapoPDX 14.Nov.2011 07:47


Having watched the videos, i can clearly see that this is police terrorism plain and simple! The video evidence is there. Noone can deny it.

Editor 14.Nov.2011 08:08


Why was this video edited at 0:35?

Precisely what was edited out of the video?

oh and what will they show us? people getting beat in the street.... 14.Nov.2011 08:38

a-other pdx (A)

maybe you dont know how many jail fights ive been in? oh well it doesnt matter.

only a cop or douchebag would say this is not beating the shit out of someone, to defend these pigs and murderers. the cops are using rods designed to break bones. they are breaking people's arms. obviously you want to be in Chile... maybe you'll get your wish.

um...ok 14.Nov.2011 09:06

Randolph Chesterfield

I agree with somedude....

Im referring to the video posted with the title "Riot Police Supress Occupy Portland Protestors With Brutal Force", not the incident with the ASL translator.

Claiming that is "brutal force" trivializes real incidents where police/security forces have used true "brutal force". Words have meanings and construct ideas, thoughts and arguments. Be careful how you use them.

my comment 14.Nov.2011 09:08


From 0:05 to 0:19 you can see a cop in the middle of the screen swinging a long night stick over his head down onto someone. He does this repeatedly, six or seven times, with increasing violence and brutality. So there is at least one cop in this video beating the shit out of someone.

what's YOUR entire point of YOUR protest? 14.Nov.2011 09:19


Hey bro-bag, ive been in prison longer than you have bro! don't know who you're talking to.

and again 14.Nov.2011 09:28


the comment is to this video, plus Justin James Bridges and this other person. yes, they are beating the shit out of people whether you saw it on videotape or not. fuck your progressive agenda. and again what's your point? you have no point.

Except, that this is nothing, that there's nothing to see here, let's move on to the "real point". you have a police officer in your ear. you think you're tough because you've been to some of these countries you talk about? Have you been to cell block Vietnam?

Send Clip To City 14.Nov.2011 09:30

Den Mark, Vancouver

Someone please send that clip with the cop swinging down with his stick, to Adams & Reese & demand that that cop be identified & removed from street duty. I'm sorry that i don't have ability to do it myself.

hmm 14.Nov.2011 10:12


I also think the title is a bit of an exaggeration and I also think that it is a mistake to focus on the cops. The super rich want that. I believe they defeat the movement by getting hotheads to focus their anger on the cops (completely justified anger but that is not the point). This is letting them control the agenda. Some Dude is right - we need more discipline and real strategy not reactionary anger. If you live by your reactions, they will play you like a fiddle.

This is why we despise liberals... 14.Nov.2011 12:13


As many disagreements, arguments and differences I and my friends have had in the "anarchist community", one thing I know for sure is that none of them would EVER excuse or ignore the actions of a fucking cop in the name of "moving on".
Thanks liberals for reminding me why I have explicitly worked only with anarchists for so many years. Fuck that cop and fuck your apologies for that cop.

SHEEPLE! 14.Nov.2011 14:11


"Why was this video edited at 0:35?"

Because it's a conspiracy MAN!

"Precisely what was edited out of the video?"

They edited out the part where the police were handing out free cake and punch, and petting puppy dogs.

Interwebs 14.Nov.2011 15:28


It certainly appears that that is the case by reading comments on the internet. Interactions & conversations in person say otherwise.

another comment 14.Nov.2011 22:23


I want to point out that the cop swinging the long nightstick down over his head repeatedly is using both hands, not one.