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Translator/Musician Beaten Unconscious By Portland Police

ALERT! A man named Justin James Bridges, musician & ASL translator for Occupy Portland General Assembly, was assaulted by @PortlandPolice today during camp clean out.
He was beaten repeatedly in the back and has now lost use of his right arm. Though Justin was lying on the ground in compliance, Portland Police continuously beat him in the back with clubs until his eyes rolled back in his head. Fellow protesters thought he was dead. He is now in critical care.

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION, ESPECIALLY PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE, DO NOT HESITATE TO COME FORWARD. National Lawyers' Guild # 503-902-5340. Protect rights, protect the truth.

Please share. And if you have info or evidence, for the sake of justice, come forward.


Visdo of report back 15.Nov.2011 12:45

Joe Anybody

Here is video footage from Justin in Pioneer Square at the recent GA - speaking from a wheel chair telling about how the police abused him.

Justin James Bridges Occupy Portland Raid Police Brutality Victim Speaks 11 14 2011

Tabloid Media 17.Nov.2011 09:43

Your Daddy

Oh you mean the guy that had prior back issues before the alleged beating. If he wasn't with a group that uses civil disobedience to get their message across then it wouldn't have happened.