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Finding updated news about Occupy Portland? Is it dead?

Occupy Portland site gives no info...
I left the protest tonight around 7pm, when everyone was in Pioneer Courthouse Square, after being pushed out of the parks and the streets. I'm extremely disappointed, but with a couple hundred riot police in full gear in downtown Portland, maybe there was no good option. Is there any news about where occupiers are staying tonight? Is Occupy Portland dead?

The encampment is not Occupy Portland 13.Nov.2011 22:55

General Disassembly

OP is as strong as ever, that camp may be lost but everyone I heard is just waiting for the word on where to go next. For the time being it seems the base of operations may shift to a near by church, but the plan is to re-occupy at some point within the next week. More importantly committee work, GAs and Spokescouncils will continue without interruption. And two huge actions will be happening in the next week, a PSU walkout on Wednesday, and day of mass civil disobedience on Thursday.