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Police riot looms right now!!

Protesters are surrounded by riot cops, arrests are being made.

Camp torn down 13.Nov.2011 14:02


Some cops have put gas masks on, tearing down rest of camp.

They ruined our park 13.Nov.2011 14:25

Riot Zone Watcher

Boy ..Sam thought that the park had some bad element in it
Now a gang od thugs w/ guns are tearing things up - one gang out - another one in
Streets closed!
Weapons out!
Worse than it ever was
They turned park into a riot zone
Lets go Christmas Shopping

Bus for arrestees 13.Nov.2011 14:50


There is a trimet bus on 2nd outside of bureau, the police are loading on some people who were arrested at camp, probably going to use the bus to round up people in the streets