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Reinforcements needed at Occupy Portland ASAP!

Tensions remain elevated at Occupy Portland as the police could raid our camp at any time. We are all very tired after having peacefully held off riot cops all night. WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS, of people, food, and winter gear.
Victory for Occupy Portland, after a tense night of thousands of celebratory Portlanders facing down hundreds of militarized riot cops. Ours is the first Occupy encampment to successfully resist a massive police against us. We have been standing strong in all three of our parks since the 12:01 am eviction deadline. But we're tired and hungry and still need support, because the police could still raid our camp at any time.

WE NEED YOU! Come down and spend the day at Occupy Portland and stand with in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and with working people across the world.

Please bring yourself, food (especially warm food), rain gear, warm-weather gear, and anything else you think may be useful.

This is only the beginning of a global revolution for social and economic justice. We invite all residents of the Portland area to stand with us and help make our camp an empowering, transformative space.

homepage: homepage: http://occupyportland.org
address: address: Chapman Square

Urgent call for solidarity 13.Nov.2011 10:03


I just got texts from the emergency eviction notice number, and they said the cops are currently dismantling the park. Please come down and help us stop them!!

Clarify? 13.Nov.2011 10:39

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

I was there two/three hours ago, & it appeared that the taking down & clearing out were being done by other than police & parks. Were those others not occupiers & supporters? I assumed they were. Has the scene shifted now? When i was there it was not clear what my role could be, other than picking up stuff, which i did not choose to do.

Just being "there" helped 13.Nov.2011 14:34


Thanks for "being there" Den

Sad 13.Nov.2011 21:56

Den Mark, Vancouver

I went back at about 1pm, & it was very sad at the site. All that corporate/government weaponry & drama over two postage-stamp parks. Driving over the Fremont toward Chapman & Lownsdale, it hit me hard how invisibly tiny those spaces are, & how otherwise vast is Portland metro. Yet Occupy was not allowed to stay, 'cause aristocrats said "NO!" Occupy everywhere will morph & endure, but those two squares are so small. So small.