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Nov. 13, Midnight Portland Demonstration Is HUGE. Best Live Stream

(Probably best Live Stream.)

Right here:

Looks Like The Raw Story Servers Are Overloaded 13.Nov.2011 01:15


They are only serving "snapshots" at the moment. However, there is still a live stream at:

 link to www.livestream.com

the drunk or hyped up guy needs to stop hogging the camera 13.Nov.2011 01:20


it's pretty unwatchable

it's like a "morning zoo" show

He's Probably A Vampire 13.Nov.2011 01:31


I find vampires very interesting!

Yikes it's getting heated - cop just waved a gun - 13.Nov.2011 02:15


I'm with you guys in spirit - stay safe everyone. What the fuck is Sam Adams thinking with this?

on-going... 13.Nov.2011 03:07


Was down there as of 2:00am. Many thousands in solidarity. No mass arrests as of then. Plan on heading back in the morning.