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pass it on... (medic info)

what to do if...
Pepperspray = mineral oil immediately followed by alcohol for skin.

CS gas = 5 gallon bucket to cover canister. respirator with chemical filter cartridge. Tight seal eyewear with anti fog agent like spit or rainx

Flashbang = rigid style ear protection and photo grey safety glasses 10 to 15 foot distance.

Taser = a layer of conductive fabric sandwiched between anti penetrant layers leather, vinyl etc... Rubber electricians gloves or welding gloves.

Baton = motor x racing armor (streamline enough to wear under normal clothing) PVC rods sewn into forearms of jackets. Head knee and elbow protection.

Projectiles = full body shields.

We all want things to remain peaceful however we've all seen how these things tend to go. There's no reason to go unprotected.

Pass it on...

This is NOT true 13.Nov.2011 20:50

EMT Paramedic

Do not out mineral oil on yourself for this, flushing with water is best, any oil will keep it on the skin