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Addressing OP website's anti-anarchist agenda

The Occupy Portland website has gone out of its way time and time again to vilify anarchists and anyone else who dares to be so insolent as to promote or practice basic self-defense. How can we combat this fear-mongering and divisiveness?

For example, in a recent article on the website about how the media team really, really insists that the occupation adhere to their particular brand of 'non-violence,' they denounced the very idea that they might be appealing to such known trouble-makers as anarchists as a means of bolstering defense for the occupation. The implications are as obvious as they are offensive, especially considering, as many have pointed out, that much of the occupation is built on firmly anarchistic foundations, and that anarchists have played crucial roles in organizing and maintaining the occupation.

For a well written piece on how Occupy Oakland draws from anarchist inspiration, as does our own occupation, see here:
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