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Video: Youth will bring hope and cameras to Occupy Portland Eviction Saturday Night

I interview two girls withn cameras at Occupy Portland.
Who will be at the midnight eviction
Youth Bring Hope To Occupy Portland on 11.11.11.
(5 minute video)

I met these two girls who were looking to speak with the police information officer. As we walk around looking for him we stop and they tell me about Occupy Portland and there concern and hopes. My hope is in the youth like these girls, who in their show of solidarity, peace, and understanding... to come out and document the police evicting the peaceful occupy group

This kind of action(s) by the youth in Occupy Portland is inspiring

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com/id30.html

Keep the World Watching! 12.Nov.2011 14:33


Hopefully, many concerned individuals will be on hand with cameras and video recorders tonight. ANY violence on the part of the Portland Gestapo needs to be documented! Arrests are guaranteed - though i do hope that things will be as peaceful as possible.