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Occupy Portland legal offense

There was a former prosecutor at the Friday night spokescouncil. His name is Roger Weidner, and we tried and failed to connect him with legal folks. He said he needs 10 - 20 people to file an affidavit or complaint, and he will file motions to squash the park closure.
With the meeting going on, we set up a time for him to come back and get some people's signatures - at Noon on Saturday. He'll wear his yellow rain-jacket and be in the amphitheater of Terry Shrunk Plaza. He's looking for stick-with-it people who can put their names on a legal document which he will take and file in court on Monday. And he also wants hundreds of people to go with him to court to file the papers on Monday. He's an older guy (73) with a ton of energy and it sounds like he knows all the loopholes to get the offense going in court. I heard he was on KBOO today - maybe

About Roger Weidner 12.Nov.2011 10:35

do a little research

You should google him first. Weidner has an interesting history.

i think 12.Nov.2011 15:43


not offense, but offensive. and not squash, but quash. and yeah, this guy has a history that some may not like, according to at least one opinionated website. so although that may not disqualify him from assisting in legal matters, or resisting some form of governmental corruption, still, please research the web , and be aware.

Roger Weidner "History" 18.Nov.2011 03:15

Ann L. sixpack6t9@yahoo.com

Roger Weidner IS opinionated. He was a member of the Multnomah County District Attorney's office, and he does have knowledge of Oregon law. He began his battle against legal corruption, after witnessing it with his own eyes. He has all the earmarks of a man who pissed off someone with some power and authority. He has been said to be crazy, disturbed, off his rocker and more. Perhaps he has become a little "unhinged" over the years, but after years of persecution, there, for the grace of God go "I".

After having personal experiences with Roger, I'd strongly suggest that you only accept assistance from Roger "pro bono" and insist on paying filing fees yourselves, after carefully reviewing BOTH SIDES of the documents being filed. What he did to us, was printed out his own issue on the backs of our documents, hoping to slide them all in under the filing fee. Later, he could assert that his issue WAS LEGALLY filed, even though it was an issue that the court had already refused to let him file.

They will return YOUR filing too, without filing it either, if the clerk discovers the deceit. Roger is a gifted man, but make no mistake, he is only on his own mission, no matter who he has to step on on the way.

I wish I could say something better, his legal experience COULD be valuable, if only he could focus on anything but his own mission...