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Video: Statement in Response to Portland Occupy Eviction

Press Conference in front of City Hall regarding recent announcement by Mayor Sam Adams to evict Occupy Portland from the parks at 12:00 midnight on Saturday, November 12th. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-g-OZMDbkM
Organized by Oregon Working Families, the event featured speakers from Veterans for Peace, Faith Communities, and from Unions, among others. Speakers vowed their support for the occupation and promised to stand with the Occupation during the upcoming eviction. People are already arriving in Portland from Seattle and the Bay area in solidarity Video is about 15 minutes in length. The audio was in portions somewhat compromised due to traffic noises, especially the helicopters hovering over the Occupied parks.

Formatting 11.Nov.2011 20:04

Jim Lockhart

was fouled up somehow.............

Statement in Response to Occupy Eviction

Sign here for letter to Mayor 11.Nov.2011 20:21

Ben Waiting

SUBJECT LINE: An Open Letter to Mayor Sam Adams...

Dear friends,

I just urged Mayor Adams and Police Chief Reese to take a more constructive approach toward the Occupy Portland encampment than the inevitably conflictual eviction effort they have threatened.

I believe that the problems they worry about at the Occupy Portland encampment reflect the tremendous income disparity and lack of social services, mental health services, and affordable housing, that the Occupy Wall Street movement has so effectively brought to the fore. Rather than sweep the encampment, homelessness, and income disparity out of sight once again, the City of Portland should adopt concrete measures to address some of those concerns.

There are many steps the City Council could take, concrete steps, not just rhetoric, that would show good faith.


Why would anything change? 12.Nov.2011 08:47

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

The Hoovervilles of the 1930s were attacked by the police and the goons on a regular basis as the political and corporate establishment was, just as now, attempting to keep the physical manifestation of the entrenched poverty the political and corporate establishment created from being actually viewable by the rest of the public who are still working.

When the rest of the still working public actually sees the encampments of the impoverished and homeless they see themselves a couple of missed paychecks away. This is clearly motivating politicians and corporate leaders now. Get it out of site quickly before this thing gets any bigger. So the corporate media goes to work focusing on drug addicts, sexual assault and cleanliness.

Just as politicians have figured out how to hide the real unemployment numbers to make themselves look better they also to want to create the illusion that we are in a economic recovery as well. The Occupy camps serve one very valuable purpose and one very valuable purpose only and that is to physically manifest the radical levels of poverty being experienced by the public as a whole. Most working people have direct experience with and sympathy for anyone struggling to survive in this economy. So when the pain of poverty actually physically appears in the form of homeless camps or Hoovervilles or Bushvilles or Obamavilles or Congressvilles they are viewed by the political and corporate establishment as a direct threat to their authority.

So the political and corporate establishment are responding to the Occupy encampments exactly as they did in the 1930s, as the paternal father to errant and lost children who do not understand the great wisdom of the political and corporate establishment's particular office of power.

What the occupants of the Hooverville encampments discovered was that they would have to take their solidarity and political momentum created in the camps and apply that power to direct confrontation of the political and corporate establishment by supporting Union actions and general civil disobedience. The good thing about today is that it is getting more and more difficult to manufacture enemies on the scale that the political and corporate establishment in America and Europe did that took the public's attention away from fighting for the living wage to fighting the Japanese, Italians and the Germans. Although they are trying to get a broader war going in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. If this broader war happens all of this Occupy stuff will be forgotten very quickly.

I do hope for the best but history tells us a different story. Unless the public unites against poverty, war, ecological catastrophe and truly confronts the political and corporate establishment nothing will change.

Good Luck Ya'll
Lloyd Hart

Good point, Lloyd 12.Nov.2011 11:58


Playing the 'war card' in this game would be an act of some desperation, beyond the plain pillage we saw in Libya. (Fuck you again, you pitiful collection of claims to a leftist agenda.) An attempt to prey on misguided patriotism, though, would likely succeed. If things get much worse, 'mercenary' may be the only occupation open to much of the young. They all can't be chefs, dental hygenisists, or network administrators, as the ads might leave them to believe, and those in the 'service' industry can't afford the service without dire need, so that exlcudes about 49% of the population.

The anti-war aspect of this movement needs to retain its voice.