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Video: Officer Friendly

After the Veterans for Peace event, in Pioneer Square, [Veterans Day] I went to ask the police standing along a wall why so many were needed for a peaceful veteran event? I had heard that the police chief was there, I was going to actually ask him the question. The chief wasn't there. Instead I meet Officer Friendly.
This cop seemed rude within the first 20 sec It reminds me of the day when Dane Reister (no longer a cop) took my camera The video is here it is 5:00 minutes. Joe Anybody meets Officer Friendly

"friendly", indeed! 12.Nov.2011 14:59


Fucking ridiculous! WHY would so-called "anarchists" try and take over a VETERANS FOR PEACE march?! Proof positive of goes on in the minds of these pigs. And to think, many people still doubt that we live in a POLICE STATE.