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STAY ON MESSAGE - Adjust Strategy

at the loss of your stupid camp.
Like 'V' said.
It's symbolic, it means something to people.
retreat and re-group

stop pissing yourselves
and for god sakes, stop buying into their 'language' and their 'framing'
you know damn well it has nothing to do with 'crime'
so stop defending a point that is made-up.
Stick to YOUR message

ReFrame the situation under YOUR framework. repeat until the media adopts, or at least acknowledges your point of view.

And in the mean time quit gripping and find a new camp OR something. I know it's not easy.

But hey. It's just a suggestion.

anok 12.Nov.2011 08:18


In this world, there are few and far opportunities to stand up for what's right. Whether the camp is falling apart or not, you stand your fucking ground.