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Open Letter to Mayor Adams and others
This makes smile
This makes smile
The protest will not go away, we will continue until we all believe our wonderful city will join us and not hurt us. During the time of this protest it would be exciting to be a city who sees opportunity to help the poor, the lonely, the sick and people who need a hand up to get through this terrible time. You could have chosen to ask doctors, dentists, social workers, and other professionals to help the people who joined the protest for safety and a place to join good and noble people for a hot meal. You have chosen to bring in the police to watch and now evict those who are risking much to try to make the world a little better. I am demanding you call off this eviction and work with representatives of Occupy Portland to create a plan that we all can be proud of come Monday morning. We need your assistance not your punishment.

PS---You can be a mayor remembered for being a human being or just another politician; your choice!

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals For Justice
Member Oregon Progressive Party
US Navy 1962-71

homepage: homepage: http://www.Individualsforjustice.com