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VIDEO: Occupy Portland - Jamison Park "We Dont Have Guns" 10/30/11

This is an 8 part video set from Occupy Jamison Park midnight to 3 am on 10/30/11. It shows the protesters sitting / standing peacefully in Jamison park. It show the police come in and using force, controlling the parks like gun toting thugs
Part 1. "Make No Arrests A Moment of Peace"
Part 2. "You're Breaking The Law - Turn Your Camera On"
Part 3. "Don't Poop in Our Park - We Are Here For You"
Part 4. "Shame On You - The Horses"
Part 5. "Public Property - Who Are You Protecting"
Part 6. "We Don't Have Guns - Riot Team in Park"
Part 7. "Why is the Police Filming - Move Back A Foot"
Part 8. "27 Arrested - Livestream on Computer"
I will be filming on Saturday evening ...when this insanity starts again as police bring guns back into the park.
As the title states... "we don't have guns"
As the mayor said when this first started... the police can use desecration, regarding to arrest or not.
So now he wants to see the arrests.... I think that's a bad decision ...and the wrong decision

I don't want to film anybody getting hurt

Solidarity = Love
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