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Eviction sometime after midnight Saturday!

They're coming!
Portland Mayor Sam Adams just announced the police will evict Occupy Portland this Saturday at midnight!

an 10.Nov.2011 10:41


You know they are wrong when they always take action in the dark

In the dark. 10.Nov.2011 11:32


I'm pretty sure the time they gave is because the park closes at midnight, not because they are going to do something "wrong" in the dark. Nice try making it in to something it isn't though.

You can 10.Nov.2011 11:56


...move out before it gets dark. Probably the prudent thing to do if one does not want to get hurt.

unprovable statements 10.Nov.2011 11:59


Neither of you can prove your statements so why make them.

They might have picked the time because it is easier to hide activities in the dark, or they might just have picked it because of the closing time, but neither is provable without access to the inner workings of their planning processes.

The other side is that neither statement is disprovable.

Defend the Occupation 10.Nov.2011 13:00


Sam Adams doesn't get to decide what happens here - the people do. It seems to me that the only reasonable response is to call for all supporters of Occupy Portland to flood the camps on Saturday night. We need as many of the 10,000 who showed up to the initial march as possible. We need everyone who thinks that this moment in time is too important to give up on. They can't arrest all of us. Solidarity Forever!

It won't happen 10.Nov.2011 15:07


The city government and police are so intimidated by the occupiers and ne'er do well types, they won't do anything. Mayor Adams is simply placating so the people complaining about the tents will think something is being done; this much is obvious. Talking to the Occupy "Leaders" is a waste of time since there doesn't appear to be any cohesive leadership. Whose idea was it to let virtually anyone in the camp? Proper security should have been implemented early and forcefully to prevent troublemakers from hanging out.