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US State Dept Orders Special Review of Keystone XL Pipeline

12,000 encircled the White House on Nov 6 to urge President Obama to reject the 1700-mile Keystone XL pipeline. The oil would go to China on 30-foot trucks built in Korea that are too wide for the roads!
Trust begins when government is more than an errand boy for the banks and a rubber stamp for profiteering corporations.
to read Sheldon Alberts' article published in: The Vancouver Sun, Nov 8, 2011, click on

 link to www.vancouversun.com


Vancouver Sun reports on the Keystone XL protest:

 link to www.vancouversun.com

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to read Sheldon Alberts' "US State Dept Orders Special Review of Keystone XL Pipeline," click on

 link to www.vancouversun.com

Gee 10.Nov.2011 15:47

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Corrupt state department is going to "study" pipeline plans after already "studying" them & finding them wonderful. Like i believe anything they ever say. Why that corrupt department would even be involved is beyond me.