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Occupy Seattle Fights Back

Yesterday, [Nov 1, 2011] in response to a call out to march on the banks in solidarity with Oakland, 100 people marched into the streets from the Occupy Seattle camp to Chase Bank down the street. Inside the building 5 people locked themselves to each other, shutting down the bank. Once it was clear that the occupiers were being forced out, people began to block the police van, sitting and laying in front it. In this moment, chaos began, perhaps a cop pushed someone, perhaps someone pushed a cop, it's unclear but once the occupiers were pushed inside the van, people began screaming louder, and pushing harder. Small skirmishes broke out between protestors and the police. Leading the pigs to release their first hit of pepperspray of the day. This only further motivated people. Within these moments, people were running around, pushing cops, helping their comrades from the ground and pulling them back from the police. Several people were dearrested in the process.

With this flow of energy, the protestors flooded into the street in front of Chase. People linked arms, pushed the cops back, while others engaged in small fights with the police. Many pigs were punched in the face or hit with bottles. More pepperspray flew. During this melee people pushed the cops and took the streets, eventually kicking the cops out.



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