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Video: Music in front of the lock down in Terry Schrunk Plaza - Occupy Protest Solidarity

A music video from in front of the Terry Schrunk Plaza lockdown / Occupy protest. Union Song is sung with 1/2 dozen protesters at "Occupy Portland".
Union Song - Miriams Well - Occupy Portland 11.7.11
(4 Minute video filmed on 11.7.11)

"They will not take the best out of me"
Solidarity with All Occupy Protesters Everywhere
This same song has been played at other Occupy protest around the US

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Video: Locked Down in Terry Schrunk Plaza Park 11.7.11 part1 12.Nov.2011 15:29

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

This is another song by Miriams Well at the lockdown in Terry Schrunk plaza park

Locked Down in Terry Schrunk Plaza Park 11.7.11 part1
(9 minute video)

The Big House Comes Down
What can I say ....
Miliams Well pretty much sings it
And the nice guy who explains about the lock down does a good job too.

In solidarity Joe Anybody.com was has happy to film this.

This video continues in part 2(and will be posted here soon)
Where the 2nd drum arrives later that evening to the acctivist in Terry Schrunk Park.