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N17 activist trainings

Does your affinity group need support to prepare for N17PDX? Come to one of the trainings below to gain skills on how to participate in the movement! Do you see a training that we missed? Are you a trainer? Please contact  training@n17pdx.org and check the website, www.n17pdx.org for up to date info!
Thursday 11/10: Security/Blockades @ FIELD WORK, 101 SW Jefferson 6-9pm

Friday 11/11: Nonviolent Direct Action @ Laughing Horse, 12 NE 10th Ave 6-9pm.

Sunday 11/13: Nonviolent Direct Action @ FIELD WORK, 101 SW Jefferson 4:30-7:30pm

Sunday 11/13: Legal Observer & Street Medic Training @ Backspace 115 NW 5th Ave 4pm

Monday 11/14: Blockades/Police Liaison Training @ Laughing Horse, 12 NE 10th Ave 6-9pm

Tuesday 11/15: Nonviolent Direct Action@ FIELD WORK, 101 SW Jefferson 6-9pm

Tuesday 11/15: Street Medic Training for medical professionals Location TBA 6-9pm

Wednesday 11/16: Legal Briefing for action participants @ FIELD WORK 6-9pm 101 SW Jefferson

check www.n17pdx.org for more info about this day of action!

rsvp to training events on FB here:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=310129472346919

homepage: homepage: http://www.n17pdx.org

wrong address 1101 SW Jefferson, not 101 09.Nov.2011 20:38

N17 Training spoke

Field Work is 1101 SW Jefferson, not 101. sorry!