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Occupy Seattle Fights Back

Yesterday, in response to a call out to march on the banks in solidarity
with Oakland, 100 people marched into the streets from the Occupy Seattle
camp to Chase Bank down the street. Inside the building 5 people locked
themselves to each other, shutting down the bank. When the crowd arrived
the police were already blocking the doors. People chanted, yelled, and
gave speeches of encouragement toward their comrades inside. Everyone was
waiting for the police to drag them out.

Once it was clear that the occupiers were being forced out, people began
to block the police van, sitting and laying in front it. In this moment,
chaos began, perhaps a cop pushed someone, perhaps someone pushed a cop,
it's unclear but once the occupiers were pushed inside the van, people
began screaming louder, and pushing harder. Small skirmishes broke out
between protestors and the police. Leading the pigs to release their first
hit of pepperspray of the day. This only further motivated people. Within
these moments, people were running around, pushing cops, helping their
comrades from the ground and pulling them back from the police. Several
people were dearrested in the process.

With this flow of energy, the protestors flooded into the street in front
of Chase. People linked arms, pushed the cops back, while others engaged
in small fights with the police. Many pigs were punched in the face or hit
with bottles. More pepperspray flew.

During this melee people pushed the cops and took the streets, eventually
kicking the cops out.

This is a huge victory for a movement that rarely lets its festering rage
run wild.

Later, people marched (always in the streets) back down toward the camp,
and then downtown to Westlake to celebrate their victory.

A few hours later, people left from Westlake to march on the CEO of Chase
a few blocks away. Those from earlier in the day immediately rushed to the
streets, leaving the peace marshals and union bureaucrats on the
sidewalks. This may have been embarrassing for them, so soon enough they
also joined in the streets.

When the protestors reached the hotel where the hated 1% was, it was
protected by police barricades, yet few cops. At this moment the people
could have stormed the barricades, and forced themselves inside, perhaps
actually confronting the 1% inside. But, no one did and the cops
regrouped, surrounding the hotel. So, for many hours to come people
rattled the fences and screamed in the rain.

The police peppersprayed more people, someone threw a bottle, the people
stayed strong and wet. A few people were arrested (it's unclear for what)
and eventually everyone went home.

Some call it a victory. Some don't. Regardless, the protestors left on
their own accord and showed their commitment and sometimes their anger
toward the 1% and their dogs.

People are hungry for real confrontation, real resistance. The CEO may
have escaped this time, and the people may have let him but it's clear
after yesterdays small battles that something is growing and it just might

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Thank You, Seattle! 07.Nov.2011 10:25

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Righteous rage is called for & is effective. It takes courage to express that rage, & sometimes that courage comes forth in sudden surprise, but it is in fact within us all. Thanks for being brave.

No bridge, no win 07.Nov.2011 17:10


Ya,but here in portland people walked across a bridge, so beat that!