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9.11 investigation | actions & protests

Occupy Building 7: on November 19-20 In Front of Rebuilt WTC 7

Occupy Building 7 - November 19-20
12PM march from Liberty Plaza to World Trade Center Building 7.
Occupy WTC 7 park until 6pm each day.

1st General Assembly at 2pm to discuss the direction and continuation of the Occupy Building 7 occupation after 11/20.

Occupy Building 7, November 19 and 20, 2011 In front of the rebuilt World Trade Center Building 7

September 11, 2001: the day the 1% hijacked our country from the 99%
and launched a permanent war that will not end in our lifetimes unless we stop it.

Ten years later the War on Terrorism has diverted trillions of dollars from more important uses and sunken our country into debt.

Building 7, which most people don't know about, came crashing to the ground at 5:20pm on September 11th. Today, millions of citizens and 1,600 courageous architects and engineers are demanding an investigation into the obvious demolition of this skyscraper.

The government's absurd story that "normal office fires" felled this 47-story skyscraper is only the tip of the iceberg of the lies we've been fed about 9/11.

Today we are taking our country back. We will not rest until the perpetrators who demolished World Trade Center Building 7 and the Twin Towers, killing 3,000 innocent people, are brought to justice, and the war dollars are brought home.


homepage: homepage: http://occupybuilding7.org/