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An Open Letter to the Occupation:

This is a letter directed to the Occupy Portland movement outlining Animal Defense League's support for the occupation as well as the interconnectedness of Animal and Earth liberation to human rights.
To all those across the earth, occupying, resisting and confronting the global institutions of power, this is an open letter of support and solidarity. The Animal Defense League has been closely observing and participating in the growth, direction, and maturation of the occupation movement since its inception. We are a part of your struggle for freedom and dignity. We are a part of your revolution.

Our struggle is much the same as yours. Although we may find ourselves in different communities, using different rhetoric, and focusing on different goals, the movement for animal liberation and ecological freedom is dependent upon your involvement if we are at all going to achieve our aims. Similarly, we believe that your success is contingent upon integrating an understanding of our history, our politics, and our movement.

The rhetoric of the occupation movement has relied on an understanding that the prevailing political economy hinges on the disenfranchisement of the masses, the oppression of marginalized communities, and the repression of organized resistance, to benefit of an incredibly privileged few. It is true. We are the 99% of humans that are treated as cogs in a system of production and globalization. We are the 99% of humans that are enslaved, de facto, in a system of absolute growth. We are the 99% of humans, institutionalized as commodities for the global elite. We are the 99% of humans, suffering from the externalities of war, the consolidation of power and modern-day imperialism. We are diverse in our experiences and variations in oppression (especially the most marginalized among us), but common in our enemy. We are not yet free.

Global capitalist economics was built off the backs of all species on this planet, and its current perpetuation is bound to the domination of the earth. The prevailing political economy hinges on the domination of the masses, the oppression of marginalized species and ecological communities, and the repression of organized resistance for an ecological existence. It is true. Statistically, they are the 99.99% of earth's biomass, treated as cogs in the system of capitalist production. They are the 99.99% of the earth, enslaved for the interest of incessant economic growth. They are the 99.99% of the earth, becoming fetishized as commodities for global capitalism. They are the 99.99% of the earth, suffering from the externalities of our war against the natural world, the consolidation of human power and our new world empire. They are diverse in experiences and various in the oppression that faces them, but common in their enemy. They are not yet free.

This is not only a letter of support, it is a call to action. We, who work to defend the biodiversity of the earth from encroaching destruction and violence engendered by our global sociopolitical institutions must become involved. We must occupy. We must because we all have a common enemy and unity is its greatest threat. We have been divided and conquered in an effort to immobilize us and provoke political and social myopia. We have been blinded to our potential as the facilitators of a revolution for autonomy, equality and stability. Our revolution will hold no impartialities based on social categories, whether race, ethnicity, nationality, class, sex, gender, language, sexuality, ability or species. Our world is not yet free, but the more we are involved and united with each other, the more difficult it will become for it to stay that way.

Until ALL are free,

Animal Defense League

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