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People's Cinema update

The People's Cinema has been a movie series presented at Occupy Portland over the last few weeks courtesy of the B Media Collective and the Occupy Portland Media Coalition every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 10PM-Midnight
Due problems with the power at the camp we have not been able to show any movies since last Sunday. We have a few films lined up that we are ready to show once the power situation is resolved. Originally we had planned for Sunday to have a short presentation by Occupy Bohemian Grove followed by the subversive classic They Live! If the power is on we'll go ahead with that plan, if not it will be rescheduled for later. Hopefully Tuesday we will show a film documenting the 2006 Oaxaca Uprising called Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad and a B Media feature called Armed with Art about print art in Mexico.

Thanks for your patience. Letting you know we haven't forgotten about you

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