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Break Your Bank Day Communique

In the early morning hours of the 5th of November, a small part of the 99% decided to strike back at some of the institutions that we hold responsible for the creation of a violent and inequitable world.
We smashed the windows out of the Chase Bank and Wells Fargo Bank on Sandy Boulevard, and finished off by throwing a paint bomb through the shattered window. November 5th was Ditch Your Bank Day, and we acted in solidarity with this. We support this and all other tactics that confront the violent forces of capitalism.

We also recognize that the crisis we are in is not just about unregulated banks or the mystical "Wall Street elite." Poverty, hunger, foreclosures, evictions, and destruction of the natural world are integral parts of capitalism that can't be regulated away. The whole system is rotten to the core and we're sick of being treated like collateral.

We want to speak out against those who think they represent the rest of Occupy Portland when they condemned David Burgess. Your racist and classist entitlement is disgusting and does not speak for us.

While the General Assembly at Occupy Portland has often criticized effective tactics and favored ineffectual non-confrontational tactics, we want to assert that the Occupy movement is not represented by this and we know already that within Portland there is support by many for tactics which seek to actually confront and challenge those that are responsible for our dire situation.

So we use action as our discourse rather than words, and we intend to say much more in the days to come.

In solidarity with those arrested at Jameson Square and Terry Schrunk Plaza; those who bravely upheld the GA's decision to hold Main Street; David Anthony Burgess, who has been unfairly condemned for what, if anything, would be an act of self-defense, and solidarity with other occupations that have taken the fight to our enemies, especially in Oakland and Rome.

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THANK YOU 06.Nov.2011 10:59

working class student

Well said.

Okay, but... 06.Nov.2011 20:03


If you were really down you'd have walked across a bridge, apparently that is the par excellence of 'action' in portland these days. :P

Ok, for reals solidarity.