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Occupy Eugene Clalims Washington Jefferson Park with Large Encampment

Occupy Eugene relocated Saturday from U of O Millrace Park to large park area south most portion of Washington Jefferson park. This is a highly visible, central park which ODOT estimates 56,000 cars pass daily. Large encampment includes 30 foot tall geodetic dome, large tepee, a dozen or more group garage tents, and 50 to 100 private tents...
... still on the to-do list is safe gaurding perimeter of camp from late night tweekers and drunks. How does Portland deal with tweekers and drunks? There is just a handful of them, but our "peacekeepers" don't seem to be on the same wavelength as they are (duh...no brainer... they are speeding or drunk).

Occupy Eugene also sponsored a large and successful "bank transfer day" march Saturday through downtown banking area.

No easy answer to tweekers and drunks 06.Nov.2011 00:52


Portland definitely not figured it out, and I don't know if any Occupy has adequetly dealt with the issue, including OWS

not getting the point 03.Dec.2011 12:32

sarah brooks

The camp in the park is an unsightly mas of people trying to get the attention of the middle class.I cant help but feel like there point cant possibly reach the middle class people by camping in a park for free.Its a homeless camp with the guise of a protest.