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Video: Occupy Portland 2011 Video Compilation

I have connected together some video clips of the occupy movement in Portland together to make a short presentation for a display at an employee art show. The video is now on line and posted here on PIMC.
This Occupy Portland 2011 video, is a collection of video clips from the first 3 weeks of the "occupy portland protest" that I have collected. The video has out-takes from speechs, rally's, marches, police, students, camp, bridges, and the city streets

Occupy Portland 2011 - Compilation
< (15 minute video)

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com/id30.html

Video: Home Movie 05.Nov.2011 17:01


A short "Home Movie" from a candid converstaion with a popo in "Occupy Portland" during my lunch hour on Nov 4 2011.