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Simple but POWERFUL activism idea!

A simple but powerful suggestion to enhance the
impact of "occupy" and similar activism events.
I suggest that patriots, at every "occupy" event,
and other events where appropriate, ALL gather
into a military formation in public view, and
slowly and solemnly repeat this part of the military,
police and government official oath:


There is nothing uniquely "military" about that
part of the oath! Standing in formation is very
easy to do, and there will be at least one veteran
to assist in any gathering.

"Defend" doesn't have to mean violence, either.
There are plenty of peaceful ways to do that,
peacefully "occupying" being one.

By SLOWLY and carefully repeating that, OVER
AND OVER, bystanders will hear, and some are
very likely to join in!

Imagine how big a formation might grow if those
in the formation waved passers-by to come join it!
Can you imagine the impact on nearby government
or media office personnel if they kept hearing that
oath being repeated, in ever louder numbers?

May apply in other countries too - most constitu-
tions have excellent guiding principles which are
ignored by their regimes.

God speed!

Eleanor White

anok 05.Nov.2011 10:50


This is cute. But it's a joke, right? I mean, why that part of the constitution, why not say, the 17th amendment or the part that allows me to have slaves (they eventually repealed it fuckers.) I don't get it.

The longer this movement continues 05.Nov.2011 11:33

Protest Fatigue

The less meaning it has.

99% of the 99%'ers are sick and tired of the daily protests.

You can form a line, circle, triangle - at this point, I really don't think anyone cares.

Street Theater 05.Nov.2011 11:39

Den Mark, Vancouver

This is street theater, & i like it. Certainly beats the boring "Hey-hey-Ho-ho" stuff.

word 05.Nov.2011 11:46

a student

Um... part of the overall crisis that many are facing, and many have been facing for decades, even centuries, is the idea that social harmony arises from the acquisition and ownership of private property. The constitution of the US is one of the more important documents that spreads and defends this false notion.

If we want to look at a constitution or legal document that concretely promoted and promotes true social peace and harmony, actual well being and prosperity, we should look to something like the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations or 'Iriquois' Confederacy) Great Laws.
The Haudenosaunee have one of the longest existing truly democratic governments in the world, either tied with or older than the northern European Allthing.
The Haudenosaunee recognized that true democracy requires that decisions are made using consensus-type discussion at the community level, that leaders should only implement, not generate these decisions, and that the institution of private property actually generates conflict and tears the social fabric.
One of the most important elements of the Haudenosaunee constitution which effectively ended years of viscous conflict, bringing cooperation and peace, was the recognition of collective stewardship rights and the sharing of things like hunting grounds, lakes, rivers, etc., and the overt SUPPRESSION of the greedy will to own property in private.

Don't get me wrong, the end of private property doesn't mean the end of private possession of necessary items. I'm not arguing that I think I should just be able to take your toothbrush and your shirt and your tools if I want to, or that I can just move into your living room or back yard. But private property in the capitalist sense is not you having your own toothbrush, rather it is a very specific institution detailing complex economic transactions; dept, interest, license, contract, profit, etc., that for numerous social and environmental reasons needs to end.

reply 05.Nov.2011 12:26


Everyone hates the bankers. Focus on the banks and the great majority of the people of the country support it.

As Bill Clinton said "It the banks stupid!"