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Move your Money Day, Sat. Nov. 5 in Portland

Please join us at Terry Shrunk Plaza at 9:30 a.m. to open an account in a truly local bank or local credit union. These establishments are ready and waiting for those opening new accounts, with refreshments. Did you know that two-thirds of private bank deposits in the state of Oregon are held by just five Wall Street banks? If you are you still banking with the "too big to fail" banks that crashed our economy, it's time to bring your money home and start banking local. When it comes to moving your money, finding a truly local bank can be hard because so many banks and credit unions use slick marketing campaigns to makes themselves "look local".

However, we've done the research and we've built an online resource called Oregon Banks Local to find out how "local" the banks and credit unions in your neighborhood truly are.

The more people that begin to invest locally here in Oregon, the more of an impact we make on rebuilding Main Street Oregon. Let's start by banking with truly local banks and credits unions.

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Bank Transfer day
Bank Transfer day
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