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Oppose proposed "code of conduct" for OP marches

Calling all radicals, please show up to the GA Saturday or possibly Sunday night to block a proposed "code of conduct" for marches sponsored by the Occupy Portland GA.
This proposal is supposedly in response to the "violent actions" of the Oakland solidarity march on Wednesday, a march that many of us felt was the best one since the opening march. It asks that all routes be worked out with the police and announced before hand, that any march under 300 stay on the sidewalks (what if there's 299?), that we need to "unify our message" as a strictly pacifist and non-confrontational movement, and a number of other nausiating capitulations.

I thought Wednesday's rally and rowdy, somewhat chaotic march were great, it brought the issue of police brutality to the fore, actually brought out people from communities of color, and showed solidarity with the general strike in Oakland which is an attempt to move the Occupy movement in truly revolutionary direction. But obviously some liberals in the Occupy Portland movement are afraid all this militant working class solidarity might hurt Obama's re-election bid and are trying to find some way to purge the movement of us undesirables and make nice with the corporate media, such as the unwarranted and despicable condemnation of a marcher without even waiting to let the facts come out. Please make sure this does not happen.

Straight from the Chief's mouth to the GA 04.Nov.2011 22:35


Earlier today a meeting was held between several members of Occupy Portland's ghost committee and Chief Mike Reese in which these exact demands were made by the police department. Will representatives from the police department be presenting the proposal to the GA?