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Portland Police Association appeals to Portlanders

The Portland Police Association, known to most of us as the group that fights hard to make sure that no Portland officer is ever convicted of any wrong-doing, the group that gets killer cops re-instated after being put on leave or being fired, has said "enough is enough" with regards to the occupation.
Here is the open letter to the citizens of Portland.

 link to media.oregonlive.com

The Police Association (think: officers holding signs and chanting "We Are All Chris Humphreys") is now trying it's hand at being a political organization advocating for change within society at large. The change they ask for? They want all of the business men and women who are heartbroken at having their lovely park all dirtied and ruined by disgusting "occupiers" to stand up and fight back against this cruel injustice. They insist that the vast majority - the true 99% - actually have more to gain by calling on the city to shut down the unruly, dangerous occupation. "Officers have been assualted!" they insist (without citing any references). Apparently we are all now guilty until proven innocent.

I seriously hope that this letter gets through to all of those within the occupy camp who still think of the police as working-class heroes and allies. Perhaps if this letter doesn't get through then the batons that officers are now required to carry will.

PPA 99% rhetoric = FAIL 04.Nov.2011 19:25

your neighbor

from PPA letter: "We are truly, as are you, members of the 99% of Americans that work everyday for a living."
Stupid fuckers can't even get the rhetoric right - in the quote above they exclude the unemployed, the unemployable, and the underemployed who don't "work everyday." The cops obviously don't get it. They obviously aren't really appealing to the "99%." They are appealing to maybe the upper 25% or so to throw their weight around. And they probably will. The question is how are we going to respond when they do?