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Occupy Starbucks (the song)

Occupy Starbucks (the song)

homepage: homepage: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26280862/Occupy%20Starbucks.mp3

Lyrics 05.Nov.2011 10:22


Occupy Starbucks by Gregois le Bloodshit!

I'm going downtown tonight
I'm gonna protest, cuz it's what's right
And late at night, in my tent alone
I'll tweet about it on my iPhone

Down with the 1 percent
You can't trust the government
We're pretending to give a fuck
And when we're done we'll occupy starbucks

I've got nothing to lose
No job no money and not a clue
Wall street, a bunch of fucking crooks
I better update my facebook

cuz we're the 99 percent
Hey fuck you government
We're all shit out of luck
Hey let's go occupy starbucks

We hate the lucky ones!
With their stocks and bonds and mutual funds
I quit my job this week
Cuz they have more money than me!

I'm so involved against corporate sin
Nikes are really good for marching in
Hey bro, why are you here?
I heard there was gonna be free beer.

Cuz we're the 99 percent
We forgot what protest meant
We're all out here, young and old
As long as it doesn't get too cold
We're just a bunch of fucking schmucks
I'm tired, let's occupy starbucks