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Video: Occupy Portland Splinter March Occupies Bridges

A splinter group takes possession of the Hawthorne Bridge, crossing over to Southeast Portland, taking Grand Avenue on their way to Occupy the Burnside Bridge before circling back to the park.

I arrived at the march when a fair sized portion of the group decided to walk across the Hawthorne bridge. The bridge was closed off at the time, due to the march passing down SW 1st street.

Hesitatingly at first, and then with gusto, folks marched across the bridge. Not being up to the exertion of the march at this time, I drove over to the east side of the bridge and rejoined them as the march traveled north under the exit ramp, and immediately walked up the embankment to take the Morrison bridge.
The police were going crazy at this time, and I don't think they knew what to do. They were all over the place, sirens screaming and lights flashing.

By the time the march started crossing the bridge, the police blocked their way, and an impasse lasted for a number of loud and passionate minutes. At this time, the Morrison bridge is undergoing construction, only allowing vehicle passage to Interstate 5.
After this brief confrontation and a mic check, police officers stood aside and they passed by the barricade of motorcycles. The crowd weaved 100 feet or so through the cars which were then idling on the bridge, spun around and headed down to Grand Avenue.

On reaching Grand Avenue, the march took the entire northbound street and headed up to the Burnside bridge.

The video stops at this point.
About 5 minutes in length.


Awesome! 03.Nov.2011 13:05


Great job everyone - was truly inspiring to be with so many people showing so much courage. Threats of mass arrest, tear gas, and rubber bullets couldn't keep us out of the streets! So happy to be a part of it, and I hope just a precursor to the kinds of amazing things we can do with hundreds of people that won't be intimidated.

Keep Upping the ante 03.Nov.2011 16:57


Great going! I am sorry to have just missed it. I went with the march as far as Salmon on the way back. It does make the battle cry" whose streets, our streets" ring less hollow. Thanks everyone!