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Portland Cop Hits Protester With Motorcycle

Portland Police Officer Hits Protester with Motorcycle
I saw the aftermath of a Portland Police officer running over a protester with their motorcycle yesterday. I did not however witness the event itself. Are there any eyewitnesses that saw this willing to come forward? Given the prevalence of people filming yesterday, someone must have caught this on tape.


Love & Rage

Also 03.Nov.2011 10:33


At he beginning of the march:

Portland Police assault 72 year old vet at march

At the solidarity march in Portland, 11/2/11, one of our senior members of Veterans For Peace was in the front line when a squad of bicycle cops blocked SW 4th ave. This was an un-permitted march on the streets not the sidewalks and they knew it couldn't be stopped. They were stopping us so traffic in progress could get through before we proceeded.

There was a bit of confusion and thise one cop held onto the handlebars, picked up the rear of the bike by the seat and purposely swung it with force into a retired Lt. Cmd. USN (Rt) who was wearing his jungle blouse with ribbons and awards and an oxygen breather tube on. No other cop did anything close to this type of action at that time.

He is OK and I will check in with him again for an update.

He is an "Atomic" vet, a Vietnam vet (1st adviser to the S. VN Navy Seals) and a "Mustang".

ouch 03.Nov.2011 12:11


And a protester pushed a cop in front of an oncoming bus, causing injury. I'm sure someone will be here shortly to deny this and claim it is propganda.

Shit is gonna get ugly out there folks.

Bullshit 03.Nov.2011 13:02


I was there, and no one pushed a cop in front of a moving bus. There was a scuffle, initiated by the cop while they were trying to push people back on to the sidewalk. The cop was never in any danger - the bus wasn't anywhere near him. You would think being hit by an oncoming bus would require medical attention, but of course none was required, because this was pure fabrication on the part of the police.

As to the guy assaulted by the motorcycle officer, I believe the Oregonian has a photo of the standoff - if it's the same one I'm thinking of. Again, cops were trying to move people, and when the young guy with the End the Fed sign stood in front of him, the motorcycle officer repeatedly used his vehicle to ram the marcher.

Anyway - great job last night everyone! Taking the bridges was inspiring - thank you to everyone who took part!