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take the bridges
in solidarity with a person shot by a cop gas canister in oakland ive seen em before there is a 9mm rovnd in the empty space behind a canister

so the masses amassed at fed park took the streets here there everywhere then there was the choice march to general assembaly

or march on the bridges the bridges were more fvn than the general rambling the wind and the rain black flags and red

banners and cops no one stops across the river stixx at mlk the people go the wrong way vp a one way street

motorcycle cops try to pvsh the people off mlk bvt the people pvsh past the cops instead past my fathers dive slam yovr drinks

and hit the streets at east end an old drvnk pvnk complains so slam yovr drink to drvnk to think pvnks dead a boring drvnk

at bvrncide cops throw there bikes at the people across the river stixx below whos town old town down down town general asembalie

i yell get the nazis ovt of camp metal heard me so i told him i wovld hold him responsible he asked me to help him overthrow

the government of the camp he wants it all to be drvnk pvnks and speed freaks o well jvst another riot day

so in solidarity with oakland cops ovt of camp the cops storm the general ass and arrest all the ones they covld not get on the bvrncide

bridge another riot day

beware waves of paranoia the tempo of revolvtionary development is drastically enhanced great issves are decided fast

revolvtions start from economics clear thinking and inclvsion has to happen the vpper middle class have connection

to the managers and at first need to be inclvded if the voice of the vpper middle class is not told to step down they

wont want to give vp positions of power and will bring down the revolvtion they are needed as leaders vp

to a point their middle class wealth makes them able to be leaders bvt they are dvplicitvs the working class

is allways stright forward and honest when the working class gains confidence then general strikes happen and the workers

revolvtion can occvre thvs the vpper middle class leaders can step down and ovt of the way each class carries their own bvrdens

those bvrdens are to be recognized bvt not to be allowd to take over

we shovld recognize class bvrdens and practice hvmility the vnderclasses mvst be allowd to gain the confidence to stand vp

to the managers working grovps mvst flvrish not attack each other grovps mvst be allowd to flvrish or fail reform and experiment

with actions grovps mvst go ovt on their own and do their work we all need to actvalize chainges in a larger society

we mvst work for a larger movement instead of being called workers or proletariot or other archane terms of the oppresed

we are the 99 percent this being an inclvsive term whether any one likes it or not this is all happening fast

this is the dialect being formed to inform this the zeitgeist and now people that never wovld have thovght they

wovld be political revolvtionaries are doing 15 hovr shifts serving food people ive never seen before are now

waiting like political cindarella to be taken at midnight and beaten by police in vppermidle class parks arovnd town

if the vpper middle class leaders stay in power within the movement things will not chainge enovgh the management

will stay in place the vrgency is now this is all happening now so no ones seen it like this and it is a new day of

peoples strvggle the movement needs to be kept on the left right wing conspiracy theory nazis in the camps and the people

covld go down the wrong path there is a vacillation happening with the newly disenfranchised military people joining the movement

they covld easily form right wing militias accept nazis as the 99% take power for the few not the masses become insvler self obsorbed

blowing vp bvildings is romantic is it not blowing things vp attracts the masses or does it not hard to say

organizational creativity is the most vital aspect of this revolvtionary wave the development of factory comities

all manner of popvlar organisations tenant comities street comities peasant vnions soldier vnions artist clvbs

and the total reorganisation of every day life the older grovps that are helping this movement are also being

transformed by the movement paranoia of these grovps is no longer nessesary they are trying as hard as any of vs

to figvre ovt what is happening here if yov wait arovnd for every one that does everything better than yov yov wont get anything done

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