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Pepper spray, arrests at Occupy Seattle protest of Jamie Dimon (CEO Chase bank)

7:21 PM PT: We can confirm multiple arrests and the use of pepper spray.

7:26 PM PT: We can confirm five arrests and the use of pepper spray at a chase bank earlier today. Pictures incoming.

7:32 PM PT: From Earlier: The Seattle PD have some kind of Pepper Spray that looks like it's put in a kitchen fire extinguisher.

7:37 PM PT: More images of pepper spray from earlier are incoming. The Sheraton where Jamie Dimon is speaking is STILL occupied.
 link to www.dailykos.com

7:40 PM PT: Pepper spray was used earlier. We're getting unconfirmed reports that it's still being used at Seattle.

7:44 PM PT: Worst pun of the night directed at Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

The protesters in Seattle want to chase Jamie out.

7:48 PM PT: From the livestream. I estimate 500 people outside of the Sheraton.

Seattle police are using their bikes as barricades, while the protesters chant "Hey hey, ho ho, Jamie Dimon's got to go!" It's raining. The protesters are soaked. Weather reports say it's 48 degrees, so hypothermia is a risk.

They're chanting "Whose streets, our streets!" now.

7:49 PM PT: Narration: The police have set up full barricades on one side of the hotel. I can see riot police in full gear. Many of the protesters are covering their faces. Flags are flying, many of them the red and black of the anarcho-syndicalists.

7:50 PM PT: Their livestream went down again. It's been going out. They're using a laptop.

7:56 PM PT: Image from inside the Sheraton:

7:59 PM PT: ABC Chopper is recording a scene where three protesters in Oakland were struck by a car:  http://abclocal.go.com/...

For those of you who can't see, it's dark. There are stretchers, and a crowd of police. Hundreds of protesters are gathered around the area, watching.

8:03 PM PT: Police have taken the driver into custody, and protesters have surrounded the car, not letting it leave. They don't appear to be very aggressive. There are police among them, but no pushing yet.

8:03 PM PT: They made a hole, and let the police leave.

8:05 PM PT: More images from Seattle.

8:09 PM PT: More images of protesters marching around the Sheraton. I think this is an old picture.

8:10 PM PT: Pepper Spray incident from earlier:

8:16 PM PT: The Seattle PD has what looks like a pepper spray fire extinguisher. You can see them using it here.

While most of the protesters were peaceful, some of them began pushing police officers. It turned into a skirmish.

When the police let loose with the pepper spray, it sprayed large numbers of people in the crowd, including several who weren't doing anything wrong.

In both cases, the main offenders seemed to escape the blast of pepper spray.

We're still waiting on the Seattle livestream to come back. Very little information is coming out of OccupySeattle right now. But we know they're penning Jamie Dimon in. He's confirmed to be at the hotel.

8:30 PM PT: Video from the march on the Sheraton:

8:39 PM PT: Another picture out of Seattle:

One of the protesters who was hit by a car in Oakland tonight may have died. We're trying to confirm.

8:51 PM PT:

8:54 PM PT: Images from Oakland. Protester hit by car.

9:04 PM PT: We can confirm one arrest at the Sheraton:

9:05 PM PT: The protesters are still there.

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Here is the key video of the arrest situation outside of Chase bank. There is a crazy skirmish with shoving, followed by pepper spray, then a bunch of intense individuals pigpiling in front of the van. In a sense, these officers aren't being as mean as they could be, although they didn't have that many backup officers at the moment which would allow them to arrest the folks shoving the officer with the bicycle