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Why I am an abolitionist

Bill to protect seniors a whitewash
The long awaited guardianship reform bill by U.S. Senator Klobuchar, S.1744, the "Guardian Accountability and Senior Protection Act," has been published and is available for public scrutiny However, Senator Klobuchar is failing to take into account the factors contributing to guardianship abuse and her bill fails to address the salient issues going to the heart of guardianship corruption.

The two reports herein linked reveal the impossibility of reforming guardianship. The first article


indicates that the judges have been corrupted and are laundering bribes and pay offs through their home loans.

The second shows that the much-touted California Professional Fiduciaries Bureau has also fallen victim to regulatory capture and has compromised its mission and is now protecting the very system and process it is mandated to oversee.

 link to janetphelan.com

The fact that the above report was sent to every member of the California House Judiciary Committee and not one single individual responded also highlights the corruption that follows guardianship through every aspect of government.

If the Congress believes that it will "fix" the problems in guardianship by setting up a central clearing house with names of "bad" guardians, our Congressmen must first come to grips with the fact that the legal system is ignoring reports coming in on guardianship crimes, and that neither police nor district attorneys are aggressively pursuing these crimes. Tomorrow's radio show on American Freedom Radio Network, airing on "The Truther Girls", will go into more detail as to the contortions being performed, and performed rather ineptly, by the Riverside Sheriff/Coroner in what can only be seen as a pathetic attempt to protect culpable parties from any responsibility for crimes against conservatees and, through extension, against their family members, as well.

The Klobuchar legislation is simply one more in a long series of inadequate gestures towards reforming what can only be deemed a leprotic system.

Janet Phelan

homepage: homepage: http://janetphelan.com