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Dan Savage Glitterbombed in Eugene, OR

Dan Savage is a transphobic and generally oppressive rich white cis gay man who came to Eugene, OR on Halloween weekend. The Dan Savage Welcoming Committee let him know that he can't be a douche with impunity.
On November 1st, 2011, an operative of the Dan Savage Welcoming Committee (DSWM) glitterbombed Dan while he was giving a Q&A at the University of Nike's Ford Alumni Center in Eugene, Oregon. During this session, the operative leapt to the stage and poured glitter over Dan's head as they shouted, "Dan Savage is a transphobe!" As they turned tail, they added, "Glitterbomb courtesy of the Dan Savage Welcoming Committee," and just before they got out the door, "He's a racist and misogynist and a rape-apologist, too!" The operative then fled the scene.

The DSWC is a memberless organization, and the only point of unity is that we have a problem with Dan Savage for anti-oppressive reasons. We encourage others who share our sentiments to let him know exactly how they feel wherever he goes. He has a huge voice due to his fame; we have to be creative to get heard over the din.

Dan Savage Is A Fascist 03.Nov.2011 11:54


Dan Savage absolute misogynist 04.Nov.2011 12:58

invisible me

If you have read his column, you will see how he treats women.
Dan Savage hates women, and like many gay men, does not understand that the hatred and genocide of women stems from the same root as the hatred and murder of gay men. Gay men are seen as women by this culture, and a woman is the most hated and worst treated person on Earth.

The writer of this article may be a woman hater as well, reading his words:
'douches' were invented by men so that women (considered dirty) are "clean" for them sexually. There is never any invention of male genital odor, which as any woman knows. often reeks.

It is extrememly offensive to women to use the word 'douchebag'.
Find another one.

Douche Bag 05.Nov.2011 01:16


Now douche bag is offensive to women? And you claim that male genital odor isn't used as an insult? Please. Sweaty balls, smells like balls, smells like ass...

We use all sorts of body parts odors as insults. Douche bag isn't aimed at women. I can see your misanthropy clearly. "Dan Savage hates women, and like many gay men, does not understand..." Like many gay men? If I wrote, "like many women, you are overly sensitive..." I'll bet you'd call me misogynist. But you can generalize about men all you want, right?

This memberless organization couldn't debate Dan when he was taking questions. They just dumped glitter on him and called him a bunch of names and ran away. What a bunch of heroes. Attacking an ally they knew wouldn't fight back. I guess there aren't any real bigots in Oregon they could glitter bomb, huh? All these poor, poor people who've been so oppressed by Dan Savage...

Get a clue and a life.


Correct 01.Nov.2011 21:36

where is the credibilty here?

"....rich white cis gay man". what does that mean? Couldn't you have instead been part of the Q&A? I'm glad you wasted time zeroing in on the essentials here....

Obviously, 02.Nov.2011 08:34

the last commenter

Obviously, the last commenter has no idea who Dan Savage is. I've noticed that obstructionists work full time here to discredit the courageous work of leftists.

Dan Savage is the worst of the hate speech advocates. He endorses genocide in his language and attitudes. He uses language and metaphors that have been used throughout history to encourqage massacres and hate policies.

Glitter is a lot nicer than what he deserves.

Weak 02.Nov.2011 10:18

some fag

If Dan Savage is indeed guilty of "language" and "attitude" crimes, why did these wimps stop at glitter? Are we gonna let this un-closeted gay activists speak in public? Let's smear his name with made up charges and tell everyone he's a Republican!

need quotes! 02.Nov.2011 10:39


Please post some of the offensive things he has said. Actual quotes will help your case!

Evidence? 02.Nov.2011 10:47


I think if you're going to accuse someone of "endorsing genocide" you owe it to people to provide something to back that up.

Way to choose your battles 02.Nov.2011 10:56

Birch Tree

Out of all of the people in the world, you choose Dan Savage to glitterbomb? Dan Savage?! I guarantee you have not made ANY new fans picking on arguably the highest profile gay rights activist in the country. Just stupid.

does eugene have indymedia? 02.Nov.2011 11:12


is there not a eugene indymedia source? searched online for this article and (it's been picked up by lots of magazines) but they all link back to pdx indymedia. is there not a eugene indymedia?

Really? 02.Nov.2011 12:32


""Dan Savage is the worst of the hate speech advocates?""

Really? That is some of the most disgusting hyperbole I have ever heard. In contrast to folks like the Family Research Council, or conservative elected officials who deny the existence of Queer or Trans identity here and in other countries, it is downright ignorant (at best) to say that he is the worst hate speech advocate.

If you hate him because he is a prominent gay figure with some outdated views, or because of his identity politics, then say so, but don't exaggerate when there are Queer folk in the parts of this country who are dealing with REAL hate speech everyday.

Yes, quotes 02.Nov.2011 15:43


I would also love to see some quotations in which Dan Savage uses hate speech (not directed at the religious right, of course). I've been a fairly regular Savage Love reader for years and I don't recall a single instance in which he seemed transphobic or oppressive. Please correct me with specific incidences.

Don't mind the shallow pop media... 02.Nov.2011 16:51

Spiritual Queer

f you are a fan of this insensitive MTV pundit's work, you will probably find his views and language amusing. it should be obvious that he is not a very open minded person, and his rhetoric expresses this thoroughly. I think this is a perfectly reasonable action from one member of the LGBT community to another and I do hope he opens his eyes to how his smug self-righteousness is felt by the people he claims to represent. An apology for things he actually did would be proper, but as with most self-assured celebrities, it is always about defending his image as an infallible being of reason.

"It was 8 years ago that he titled a column "Bad Tranny" where he admonished a trans woman for coming out, it was only two years ago that he used the term "shemale" to refer to trans women. Just one year ago, several weeks in succession, first when a caller discusses watching trans porn, he admits that he knows he shouldn't use either derogatory term, but declares that it's okay to do so when referencing porn and proceeds to joyfully sling around the word "tranny" ten times in about two minutes and tosses in "shemale" a few times for good measure. Then repeats his previous assertion that men who are attracted to trans women cannot be considered completely straight. A week later he verbally thrashes a trans person who got upset at being mispronouned. Then finally, he reassures a man who likes women with strap-ons that he is 100% straight as long as the cock that he's attracted to is attached to a woman - which apparently means he doesn't consider trans women to be women, or else he would have said the same thing to the guy who watches trans porn."

 link to www.bilerico.com

Oops . . . 02.Nov.2011 17:19


wrong savage. I meant Michael--of Savage Nation. Sorry!

he's Biphobic too - DSWM please remember us in the future 02.Nov.2011 17:27

bialogue alerts@bialogue.org

"Saint Dan" has shown himself to be rather selective in exactly whom in the LGBTQ+ Community he "approves" of.

He is a well-know biphobe and a long time heavy-duty cheerleader within the so-called "Gay Purity" faction of the LGBTQ+ Community to deny the rights of, the dignity of and the very existence of bisexual people -- thought lately he has been forced by members of the Bisexual Community to (very grudgingly and with exceedingly bad grace) retract some of his more egregious statements.

As New York State's openly Bisexual Assemblyman Micah Kellner said, "I've found that because the gay community treats us poorly that enables the straight community to do the same, because their gay friends have de facto sanctioned it.". Dan Savage is a prime example of a gay man who has more than given permission to the mainstream straight culture to continue to embrace biphobia and bisexual erasure.

Furthermore 02.Nov.2011 17:33

Sensitive and Proud

"he ridicules those who point out his transphobic actions, depicts them as over-sensitive, irrational, and so forth"

This is a perfect example the ideology of a rape-apologist. The emotions of any person who feels they are being discriminated against are not something that should be ignored. Note that only God and those who consider themselves to be God are 'infallible'. Why does this loser get any attention at all?

I'm hungry and have no money 02.Nov.2011 17:42


I wish he would share some of his food. I could share health and workout tips and we could both be better for it. I don't understand this elitist society.

Islamophobe 02.Nov.2011 19:49

Long Memory

I first became aware of Savage long ago, during the Bosnia war. I recall Savage's repulsive comments in which he tried to contrive as many different ways as he could of laughing at the mass murder of Bosnians. One of his "humorous"gibes was "dying like Bosnians" instead of "dying like flies". Bosnians are not flies. But Savage is an Islamophobe.

Dear Long Memory, 02.Nov.2011 21:29


I think you're confusing Michael Savage with Dan Savage. Dan Savage is the guy who edits the Seattle Stranger, has a wicked sense of humor, and could very well be disliked by some in the gay community, for reasons I do not know. He's also adamantly pro-Israeli-state.

Sometimes he is really funny.

okaaayyy 03.Nov.2011 07:49


Is this seriously a case of mistaken identity here?

either way, YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO NOT BE OFFENDED! In america you can say what you want. even if it is offensive. What a bunch of babies! (ageist)

Do unto others as youd have them do unto you. aka tolerate their differences and love our freedoms and enjoy your right to live how you want and not have to hide or apologize.

wow what a lynch mob here. just a bunch of hyper sensitive me-monsters. (no disrespect to monsters)

Wow 04.Nov.2011 19:33


So when Dan said that men who are attracted to trans-women aren't completely straight, somebody here was offended? Because being called "not completely straight" is an insult to you? Don't let the internalized homophobia bite you in the butt here or anything...

We face real problems in the world, and Dan Savage isn't one of them.

Regarding "douchebag" 05.Nov.2011 23:59


I was unwilling to use the word "douchebag" as an insult for a long time, because I don't use insults that are tied to essentialist beliefs about sex, gender, or sexuality ("pussy," "dick," "bitch," et cetera). I was never quite sure how douchebag fit into that protocol, but I figured better safe than sorry. That was up until a friend noted that she uses it freely, 'cause calling someone a douchebag is tantamount to saying that person is terrible for women. After that, I took to using it frequently and with glee; it's like saying "you sexist!" except there's no moment of "huh?" for most people--it's immediately understood as insulting. I'm trying to spread that understanding of it, so more and more people recognize the core of the insult as "you are awful for women--fuck you!"

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