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Move Your Money Day Portland on Sat. Nov. 5

It's happening -- Move Your Money Day Portland, Nov. 5, 9:30 a.m. till 1:30 p.m.
Posted at the Occupy Portland website:

From Progressives2012 Re: Anyone have info re Move Your Money Day Nov. 5?

From Nerm at Occupy Portland:

Yes!!! Here is the link for the event:


I'm having a really hard time getting the people in charge of the website to post info on this event, but it IS GA approved and is an OP sponsored event.

*THIS IS A GA APPROVED ACTION.* This is a community outreach/public education focused action sponsored by the Action Committee. It will consist of two parts: First, we will march to some big bank locations to hand out public outreach material exposing the crimes of big banks and describing their role in the collapsing economy. We will then march over to some credit unions (who already know of this event and are happily EXPECTING us with coffee, treats, and valuable information) for those who wish to open an account and those who want to learn more about credit unions and how they differ from big banks.

We will meet at 9:30 to rally, then the march will be begin. Route (including bank and credit union locations) will be announced at the time of the rally.

This will be a PEACEFUL action, with the unified message to the banksters at the top. We will refrain from harassing the wage workers of the bank (bank tellers), who often barely make a liveable wage and are in danger of being laid off themselves. During this demonstration, we will remember who our common enemy is.

We want criminal banks to be held accountable for their actions. We want immediate federal investigation of these crimes. We want their fines to be proportionate to their crimes. We want to see fraud manufacturers in jail. We want them to face harsher punishments than the peaceful protestors being held at $10,000 bail. We want justice, and we want it NOW.

We invite people to bring supplemental information regarding banks. We will also provide information material for anyone who wants to help canvass.

We invite people whose homes have been taken from them or who are swimming in debt to get in front of the crowd and share their stories. Your voice will be given a platform to be heard. You will not have suffered in vain.

The big banks think they're too big to fail. They think we believe that money trickles down. We know what's coming down on us isn't money. We will show them that we will change the system from the bottom up. This movement is too big to fail.