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Oregonian article - filming the cops

"Is there a right to record the cops" {yes there is }
That is the title of an Oregonian article in Nov 1 2011 Tuesday front page edition. Its in regard to a Eugene resident who [with out notifying the police he was recording his own traffic stop] filmed the cops with his cell phone during a traffic stop.
The article is here:
 link to www.oregonlive.com

Regular Portland Indymedia readers already know this information
You can film the cops

From reading about this recent decision form the Oregon Court of Appeals, it appears you can even film them surreptitiously

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22 page court document 01.Nov.2011 20:03

Joe Anybody


The devil is in the details, the reason the cell phone recording was not consider to be "secretly recording" ...
was that the police "informed the driver as he approached the citizen ...that he (officer) was recording the conversation"

The courts understand the law on this to be "as long as all parties involved in the conversation knew it was being recorded, no crime was being committed, the fact as to who was recording the conversation didn't matter. What matter accordingly to the law was "did all parties know?"

There was dissenting opinions.