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March in Solidarity with Oakland General Strike and Against Police Violence!

The rally will begin at 4:30 PM at Terry Schrunk Plaza, between SW 3rd and 4th at Madison - march at 5:30 PM.

The route will visit a few symbolic sites, and will end at Occupy Portland.
Come join veterans and community members from across Portland for a national day of action in solidarity with Oakland's General strike and against police violence. This day is being called to support Marine Corp. Veteran Scott Olsen. Olsen, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War [ IVAW ], was struck by a police tear gas canister and suffered a cracked skull during an Occupy demonstration Wednesday, October 26 in Oakland. A call has gone out from Oakland for cities across the country to say no to violence against the Occupy Movement and no to police violence and to stand in solidarity with the general strike being called for Wednesday.

The rally will begin at 4:30 PM at Terry Schrunk Plaza, between SW 3rd and 4th at Madison - march at 5:30 PM.
The route will visit a few symbolic sites, and will end at Occupy Portland.

This is an open invitation - bring friends, family, allies, and organizations!

Endorsed by: Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace, Industrial Workers of the World, Bring the Ruckus Portland Local, Fire Frashour Campaign, Rose City Cop Watch, Portland Central American Solidarity Committee, PARASOL Climate Collective, Institute for Anarchist Studies, Occupy Portland.

homepage: homepage: http://https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=223030484428859

Wednesday Event 01.Nov.2011 09:52

EyE Think

this event is on wednesday 11/2/11

DIRECT ACTION 01.Nov.2011 12:04


this is more specifically a march in solidarity against police brutality and various other forms of oppression executed by those who perpetuate the injustices for the 1%.

may this be a call out for a diversity of tactics and an understanding of support and strength in varying thoughts and ideas.

do not support the oppressors.

be there.

Diversity of Tactics 01.Nov.2011 12:29


We are organizing based on the principle of a diversity of tactics. A black bloc is being organized. Feel free to join it everyone!

There will be marshals, but the marshals are guided by an anti-authoritarian principle. They will not be telling people what to do, only relaying information.

Everyone should totally come out for this!

anok 01.Nov.2011 12:45


These are the kind of actions that are needed in order to effect significant change. If one person goes down, 1000 need to take his place, or the movement dissipates. Think of a movement like a person, it's a character builder.

If one person goes down, 1000 take his place. Think of the people who put themselves in harms way just to save Olsens life. Think of the people risking job and income tomorrow. These are the kinds of actions that build up to a revolution, as opposed to an "all inclusive revolution."

Right now in Cairo, the Police and the Military have clamped down on the revolution, every day it's now a fight for them, again. They risk their well being to stand in solidarity with you. You don't go outside and fight because it's easier to believe that your police force isn't that inherently evil, and your government loves you and blah blah blah. The same people pay both of their salaries.

Fuck the police.

a 01.Nov.2011 15:08


The wealthy elite absolutely want people to focus on the police instead of them.