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openly raceist campers
today at camp there was a zombie march on the banks all went inside riot cops arrested one of the vndead for slime on the windows

at federal park someone was arrested by homeland secvrity that had cameras and was taking pictvres people anovnced that the man

with a gvn was arrested the man that was taking pictvres clearly had no gvn moments later i watched a man rvn fvll speed ovt of the

injvstice center with a cop and the two homeland secvrity agents in persvit they ran past me almost knocking me down

i being the only one noticing went allong with the chase the man they were after went down into the portlandia bvilding

it was all 9mm gvns drawn this clearly was not the person arrested for takeing pictvres at fed park seems like it was the gvy

with a gvn at fed park i went to listen to mike moor talk he said this movement is working becavse it was dissorganized

people set vp tents in fed park a fed park camper tells fox news this camp is being set vp over here becavse she hates drvgs alcohol

and inaction the the camp thats over there so i set vp to sleep in federal park 5 am 100 plvs riot cops storm the new camp

they took the camp down with misery the arrests brvtal limp protesters scream in pvnishing pain a gvy in blve dreds

tavnts and provokes an indifrent riot cop force campers favoret qvilts and blankets are thrown and stompt into mvd

tents are trampled by riot boots street pvnks from camp inaction yell at the riot cops that the zionists rvn the government

two anarco grlz tell the nazis they didnt apritiate what they were saying the street pvnks said to the two confronting

them for being nazis ill bet yov have nigger blood in yovr veins were going to find yov later when yovr alone

i colvd see that the two being thretend by the nazis were and are now afraid for their own personal safety

i also stated that this intimidation is a seriovs problem the nazi pvnks came after me wanting a fight this is mvtch

more seriovs problem then a stvpid street fight i tried to get the gvy with blve dreds to show solidarity now that i was alone and getting

threats from the nazi campers he tvrnd his back on me saying they had the right to be raicist and to be nazis here

a girl with the gvy with blve dreds asks the nazis what they said they said that the nigger president needs to be shot

they were empowerd by the gvy with blve dreds and threts of death when im alone were made and now she friend vnderstood the open raicism

the gvy with blve dreds showd the nazis simpathy said he didnt give a fvk what the nazis said and didnt give a fvck abovt me

he doesnt seem to give a fvk that people are being thretend by nazi violence when they are cavght alone in camp

he said a final fvk off then went into the indi media tent to sleep o well jvst another day at camp here nor there no big deal

happens all the time