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One Arrested at Anti-Coal Zombie March Targeting Bank of America

Portland Rising Tide, a direct action environmental group confronting the root causes of climate change resurrected the first ever undead zombie army against coal. On Monday October 31st, the zombie army against coal marched from Occupy Portland at 3:00 PM to two Bank of America branches in downtown Portland. One protester, Tim Swenson, was arrested in the protest for allegedly putting red corn syrup on the exterior of the Bank of America on 2nd and Morrison.
Zombies protest Bank of America for coal financing
Zombies protest Bank of America for coal financing
Twenty police officers in partial riot gear arrived at the Bank of America as the protesters were leaving. Police grabbed Swenson as the protestors were leaving the site.

A spokes-zombie for Portland Rising Tide, David Osborn, stated, "The connections between Bank of America, coal and climate change are too strong to ignore and too devastating to our future to not act against. We call for the immediate release of Tim Swenson and for Bank of America, the true criminal, to be held to account for its actions."

Currently, the cities of Longview and Cherry Point, Washington, are facing proposals to export up to 140 million tons of coal annually. Six other ports across the Northwest are in talks with coal export companies. If constructed, the export terminals will bring up to 26 mile-long trains through the Columbia River gorge, releasing 500 pounds of coal dust per car. Bank of America is the highest lender to coal companies across the nation. Portland Rising Tide will continue to oppose any coal export terminals in the Northwest and other destructive fossil fuel projects.

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For more information visit: www.portlandrisingtide.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandrisingtide.org

Video of Zombies Against BofA! 01.Nov.2011 00:15


Link to video of Zombie March and arrest:


Just let me know if anyone is uncomfortable with this vid being posted and I will remove the link. thanks!

Spokes-Zombies 01.Nov.2011 20:05


I fuckin' love it!

Bring on the Zombie Apocalypse!

Vote for the Zombie Party!

How much worse could it get?

We're all in, this together!