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economic justice


If he could cut us a check for supplies / food / medicine, this could greatly help the occupation.
Tired of being poor??

This guy is loaded and coming to hear from Occupy PDX! Maybe he'll part with some of his millions
and donate to the cause. lets ask him!!


luv 31.Oct.2011 10:33


Michael has given to numerous causes,

I wouldn't treat him as a 1%-er

He gave over $400,000 to Common Grounds during the Katrina disaster

He may in fact contribute?

His net worth is $50 Million 31.Oct.2011 11:09


He's definitely in the 1% category.

Should any one person be allowed to accumulate this much wealth before it's redistributed to the masses? I believe this is one of the fundamental questions behind the Occupy movement.

It's good he has given $400K, but IMHO has about $49.9 million to go....

Just sayin...

Moore's worth ~$50M 31.Oct.2011 11:22


Michael Moore is an outstanding philanthropist but he certainly hasn't contributed as much as he could. Understandably, he needs to have a substantial amount of money to keep his production company going.

So it's OK to be a 1% 31.Oct.2011 12:05


As long as you run a Production company?? Are there other cases where it's OK to be a 1% and have that much wealth?

$50 million net worth is obscene. It's exactly whats wrong with Amerikkka and needs to be fixed.

I don't care who you are - if you are a 1%, that money needs to be distributed to the people...for stuff like: FOOD / SHELTER / HEALTHCARE

disinfotainment 31.Oct.2011 19:23


Michael Moore gave $3000 to our local newspaper (Eat the State! in Seattle) when I asked him for a donation after his book talk.
Don't talk like a player hater, you know.