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Safe(r) Spaces For Portland Police. Get to know... this!

Safe(r) Spaces For Portland Police. Get to know... this!
* Portland Police Bureau. (1111 Southwest 2nd Avenue)

* Portland Metro Police Club. (618 SE Alder Street) a private bar, ballrooom, and athletic facility operated by the Portland Police Association.

* East Precinct. (737 Southeast 106th Avenue)

* Central Precinct. (1111 SW 2nd Avenue)

* North Precinct. (449 Northeast Emerson Street.)

* Portland Police Bureau Traffic Division. (4735 East Burnside)

* Neighborhood Crime Office. (7688 Southwest Capitol Highway)

* Starpark Police Garage. (211 Southwest 2nd Avenue)

another one on Hawthorne? 01.Nov.2011 13:27


Is there another PPB shelter on SE Hawthorne near 47th or 48th Ave? I regularly see at least one cop car parked along Hawthorne in that block and also about a week ago I saw several cop cars parked in that area with one cop unlocking a door of a building on Hawthorne. No lights flashing, so it wasn't an incident.
It might be just a small space with a bathroom, table, microwave oven, etc as in the small space on SE 82nd Ave in the Eastport Plaza near the haircutting place.