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it is time to call for a general strike
perhaps now is not the time to call a mass general strike one shovld be called anyhow so we do not have the nvmbers for a trve revolvtion bvt we shovld call on the revolvtionaries to rise vp now at this time people are interested in social jvstice bvt condition are not yet dire enough for the general pvblic to strike a call to arms shovld be made the people seem less afraid for there is no time to waste any and all actions made or taken will not be time wasted it will be a good practice to make ovr new brave little society learn abovt compassion as amerikans ovr social skills with ovrselvs are lacking we mvst one and all become ovr own secvrity take care of ovr friends and comrads in arms not tvrn ovr anger in on its self we mvst all learn and teach secvrity cvltvre make ovr new society a safer space for vs all to thrive and work in we mvst tvrn ovr praxis into practice it will be good practice to be catiovs of the so called leader like in iran the mvlla took the workers revolvtion away from the people they spoke well bvt not for the worker the vnion leader speaks well bvt seems to be for the management to stay in place its the wrong class that allways wants the revolvtion bvt jvst a little bit spare a little chainge bvt not the whole lot a workers revolvtion is for the workers to fight not a vnion rep to keep the management in place and watter down demands in iran they took a workers revolvtion and made a police state jvst another revolt taken over heres another example stvdents from reed talk a good game think they know how to represent the worker on the street they can argve all the points to death and they make good lawyers a reed stvdent does not have the street smarts to actvally svrvive on the streets academic self absorbed they can write a great thesis on anarchism and the legitimization of political violence bvt this is what covld kill a movement like the general assembly is killing the movement bvreavcracykills and money makes traitors