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Report back 22 arrested

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About 22 arrested
PIMC 3:30 police leave - 100 people take back the park chanting "Our Park!"

riot cops leaving loud chants from crowd "Shame! Shame!"

police van is back - a protester on crutches walks to get in van, another protester is lifted by arms into van - van leaves 3:23am

another protester is walked to police car from the park

PIMC: 1 protesters dragged to police car - 3 or 4 still left at 3:10

crowd is yelling loudly, around police van as it was leaving, horse cops present

PIMC police van is leaving full of arrested, Still a few laying in park ...police dragging one by one to police car at 3:05

PIMC: around 2 dozen just got arrested in Jamison Park 2:30 AM - Over 100 riot cops - hundres watch from sidewalk in solidarity [...]
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